Target Customer:

A company or a person who has sales channel for our products in their local market.


Case Introduction:

The customer has their own website for sales of different brands of sports clothes, also sells heated clothing, we introduced our company and products to the customer, after communication for several times, we got to know their market positioning and the consumer preference in their market, then recommended some of our items in stock to them, they chose 2 of the items for sample test, and then ordered more pieces of one heated jacket for trial order and sell them on his website, the sales of this item went well, now we get repeat orders from this customer.

Customer Review:

We have our online shop for sales of different brands of clothes, we also sell heated products, such as heated gloves, heated insoles, heated therapy products, heated vest, but we don’t have professional R&D team and factory for mass production, we want to expand our product series, after communication, considering we need a suitable item which is available at once for our local market, Eleheat offered us several options, we chose two items from the list and tested the performance, then decided to take one item for trial order, it sold well, so we ordered more qty’ after then on, the products quality are solid, and they are very patient whenever we have any questions. Thanks to Eleheat, they help us to get more business, I believe we can become long-term partner.