Group Customization


Target Customers:

Government Institutions, Public Institutions, Social Organizations, Enterprises, etc. who want to custom uniform or other healthcare products for their staff or members.

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Heated Clothing

group customization

Air-conditioned Clothing




Case Introduction:

The customer is an electricity department in northwest China, where the weather always turn cold at the beginning of October, and last for almost half a year, so they asked us to design a heated coverall for them, can help them resist cold for at least 2hours.

Through the detailed communication, we revised the proposal for 4times, and finalized the design as below:

For the pattern, we designed the coverall as detachable 2 pieces—Outer coat + liner, with windproof hood also detachable, elasticated waist, reflective strip along the arm and shoulder, adjustable Velcro cuffs, all pockets with invisible zippers, wear-resistant patch on the inner leg opening, etc.

For Color, we chose royal blue, be consistent with their current work clothes.

For Fabric, we chose water-repellent polyester for the outer layer, and soft polyester for the inner layer, inner layer filled with high-quality 90% duck down.

For heating scheme: Considering when the staff work in extreme cold outdoors, they may need to climb the pole, we set the heating area at waist area and knees, 3 heat settings, heating up to 60℃, for the waist area, as the heating area is bigger, we used 11.1v output, for the knees, we used 5v output, we designed a 5500mah lithium battery, with switch shift available on the battery, heat up to 2.5hrs.

Customer Review:

We work outdoors in remote area and the weather here always turn cold at the beginning of October and last for almost half a year, so we found Eleheat and ask them to design a winter coverall for us.

we discussed a lot and Eleheat gave us quite considerate suggestion, they were very patient and made improvement on the samples for several times, finally, the sample was proved to be fine for us. now, Thanks to Eleheat, with the nice coverall, our workers have no more fear of cold weather! we just feel like we are in thick quilt, comfortable, windproof and waterproof, extremly warm!

It's really a good experience for our cooperation.